Where is the current graphic design industry in India headed to?

Graphic design companies have seen a major upsurge in the Indian market, thus booming the graphic design industry rapidly. All businesses that now exist, in order to fulfill their marketing goals, require absolute designers who can deliver their brand message appropriately. 

Still not agreeing? Look at the logos of L’Oreal, Penguin India, Harper Collins, Puma, Nike, VLCC, etc. These iconic brands are proof of how Indian designers are striking off the market competition. That makes graphic design courses more in demand, encouraging creative heads to utilize their creativity and unique ideas to bring to life. Another lookout here is the evolution of pixel-perfect, VFX-perfect, quality-perfect movies or videos in Indian entertainment. 

Indian movie posters have evolved to a great extent in the past years. Okay, let’s come out of the movies. If we look at the various visual representations of Indian books or novels, or perhaps any advertisements, we can easily differentiate the evolution of Indian graphic designers. 

With digitization booming its way toward the future rapidly, graphic design companies are the need of the hour now. Who doesn’t use online services now? Every individual business or person wishes to socialize with the world which is something that requires graphic designers to relay the message. 

Graphic designers, on the other hand, must have strong creativity and interpersonal skills. For any graphic design company, it is utterly important for the designers to have the necessary creativity and quick mindset in order to deliver work efficiently. According to a recent survey analysis, India needs more than 62,000 designers for the country’s graphic designing needs. And as of 02 July 2022, India has around 12000 qualified graphic designers.

Another promising statistic tells us that the employment rate of graphic designers in India is expected to grow by 3% from 2020 to 2030. 

Simply put, good graphic design tends to transform how we look at things normally. It is the perfect eye-catchy fonts, styles, logos, pictures, etc., that make the real difference between a successful brand and a developing business. Any successful brand knows the importance of professional UI/UX design, be it any industry, and how beautifully it can push the industry forward. 

Scopes in Graphic Designing in India

For many confused starters, there might not be much space in their room to explore graphic designing services. However, here is a small list of the various scopes available for aspirants wishing to switch their careers toward graphic design:

  • Publication designer
  • Web designer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Product / Brand designer (includes logo designing as well)
  • Game / Animation designer
  • Illustration / Photoshop artistry
  • Advertising designer

Graphic design services are not limited to only tier – 1 city in today’s time. In other words, several other cities of tier – 2 and 3 are expected to see a rise in graphic design-related jobs, not to forget the growing number of freelancers. 

Talking about freelancers, India is currently filling its bucket with freelancers as well as full-time workers. With the growth of startups, India is also in the need of UI/UX designers. As of 2022, UI/UX designers are one of the most demanded professionals in India, where the salary of a UI/UX designer can range from Rs. 6,95,863 to even Rs. 10 lakhs per anum, depending upon the designer’s experience.

Digital Edge 360° offers outstanding graphic designing services for every industry type and service. Right from logo design to animation, the team is experienced in crafting eye-catchy designs and delivering every project on time. 


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  • The article on digitaledge360.in discusses the current state of the graphic design industry in India and its future prospects. It offers insights into trends, challenges, and opportunities for graphic designers and businesses seeking their services.

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  • In India, there are many job openings for those with graphic design experience since the expertise is in high demand. It’s fair to say that graphic designers in India now have more job prospects than they had a decade ago.

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