What are the five pillars of social media marketing?

Social media marketing! 

Okay, we know how common the word is now. But hey, that’s where it really starts. 

Your Branding!

With just your official website running smoothly, you might not reach your goals fully. Social media has to be the catalyst in your marketing. And with the revolution of so many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Behance, Pinterest, and TikTok, marketing, and competition, have enhanced. 

And not just us, but businesses have been using these platforms to reach their targeted audiences and get potential leads. Why not? Just look at the number of people using social media!

Almost every person using smartphones is also using social media even if it’s just one of all. 

So, what is it about the five core pillars that successful brands make use of?

Five Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing

  1. Strategy Making

We’re sure you have your own business goals. And how have you thought of achieving them? 

Well, that is what your social media is going to ask you before you run any campaign or post any update. So, just like you make a whole strategy before implementing digital marketing for your business, social media marketing also requires full-fledged strategy planning. 

Since every social media platform provides engagement and the required community to boost your sales, it also sees the industry you belong to. 

I mean, we understand social media can be a tranche of work, however, it’s for the benefit of your business. Foodies visit Instagram more often to search for new eateries. Similarly, education sectors know that students are more fond of free classes on YouTube. 

Plan your content accordingly since different industries require different content as per customers’ fondness and taste. 

  1. Planning and Publishing

Okay, so scheduling is important. We have about 3 billion active users using different social media platforms. And when you have an account that exists perfectly on social media, you are allowing your brand to grab your customers’ attention. 

For example, planning and publishing include writing a blog, posting it on a relatable platform, and at the RIGHT TIME. 

In a nutshell, it is all about planning the right content and publishing at a scheduled time. The time that has been framed only after viewing customers’ engagement. 

  1. Listening and Engagement

Not just business, but anything that hypes up in social media, has a tendency to be talked about. Similar to the case, businesses are also talked about by their audiences – both good and bad. There’s always going to be a conversation when your brand grows. 

It then becomes your duty to be a part of that conversation. If someone is delighted with your work, show more love, tag them and offer them special giveaways if required. On the other hand, if someone is not happy with what you offered them, you can take extra notice and try to fix their problem. 

  1. Analytics

Social media marketing is not always about uploading posts. It is also about knowing your audience from within. An in-depth analysis of your audience’s engagement gives you access to post things that they love the most.

Metrics as such include, the number of likes, followers, engagement, mentions every month, profile visits, use of your brand hashtags by your audiences, etc. There are various analytics tools that can easily help you gather insights into these metrics and boost your social media marketing across different platforms.

  1. Advertising

Social media marketing remains unfulfilled when you haven’t yet tried out social media advertising. It is one such area you must start considering as it does teach you lots of things about your audiences and potential leads. 

With Facebook ads services offering great ROIs for businesses, it helps you reach a wider audience. All you have to do is to target the right audience with the correct demographics, so it reaches an audience who needs your services. 


That being said, here we complete the core five pillars of social media marketing. And now, if you haven’t yet started doing what’s mentioned above, your business might be in grave danger. To boost traffic, you have to have a social media account and attract customers accordingly. Digital Edge 360° offers social media marketing services with the help of industry experts working for various clients for age long. 

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