YouTube Marketing: A short guide for beginners

Are you starting to feel like something’s missing in your business strategy? 

When you have a business and see the potential in you to grow your audience, why not think about a YouTube Marketing strategy?

YouTube has never been a platform meant just for entertainment. It has led to the growth of many businesses, especially during the pandemic and post-pandemic. YouTube, being one of the biggest websites around, it promotes a huge potential for your target audience’s reach and sales. You will be awestruck when we tell you that YouTube is the second most popular website or search engine, topped by Google.

Of course,  since YouTube is such a big platform, it also means having more subscribers and users, which ultimately explains the competitive nature of this site. 

And being in the corporate industry, we have already guessed one thing right, to be in the industry, you need to have the right resources, the right knowledge and the right content to help your audience know better about you. Not just that, video marketing has always been attracting new customers and has constantly proven its artistic performance in terms of engagement, grabbing attention, boosting customer base, website traffic, etc. 

So now, when you ask if YouTube Marketing services are the right solution for your business growth, Yes, in most cases. 

Now, we have listed down some important Youtube Marketing Strategies that can connect you with your brand and help you with a wider audience base. 

  1. Creating A YouTube Channel

YouTube, being a part of Google, requires you to sign up for Google, followed by creating your YouTube account. Once you are done with this, you can accordingly create a brand account that will allow you to expand your business. 

Followed to your account creation, things you can add are:

  • “About Us” Information
  • Header image, profile pictures, etc.
  • Social media links, Website links, etc.
  1. Know Who Your Audiences Are

To achieve success in YouTube marketing, it is necessary to have prior knowledge about your audiences. Regardless of whether you are offering YouTube marketing services or implementing a YouTube marketing strategy for your own business, it gets more beneficial if you know some basic YouTube demographics. 

Spend your time researching the target audience, which will further help you gain valuable insights into your audience’s interests. 

  1. Research On Your Audience

The best way to gain real returns on your time and effort on YouTube is by researching your competitors and seeing how they are managing their businesses. 

You can start this by looking up channels run by your competitors. Count their subscribers, look at their average views for each of their videos, the quality of their videos, posting frequency, etc., that can help you create contrasting and unique content.

  1. Optimise Your Videos to Get More Views

Okay, so how exactly, after all these steps, YouTube Marketing services make you famous?

Well, you need to understand the concept of SEO and Google’s algorithm. These are the two factors on which YouTube works, along with search histories and personalization. To optimize your videos, you need to start with keyword research, adding relevant keywords to your videos, using timestamps, adding descriptions, and creating engaging video thumbnails.

Other things that can be done or implemented in your YouTube marketing strategies are Scheduling your videos, optimizing your channels to attract your followers. getting into YouTube advertising, trying out influencer marketing, and analyzing and adapting to monthly reports.  

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