Top 5 Programming languages Web Developers Must Learn Before Choosing Their Career

For those who don’t yet know, we now possess a plethora of programming languages in the IT world for web development. And that’s not for one but both the front end and back end. 

What is a programming language anyways?

It is a computer language with a set of codes (instructions basically) that are drawn to perform specific actions. Coders or developers, with their programming language, instruct machines in a way so they can understand and follow the process. Now, for you to choose a career in web development services, you have three options to choose from, i.e., Front-end Development, Back-end development, or Fullstack development.

In a gist, Front-end development requires developers to go with HTML (a markup language), CSS (a styling tool), and JavaScript (the programming language). Back-end developers need to learn Nodejs, Python, PHP, etc. as their programming language to start their careers. As for Fullstack development, you need to master database handling, API management, and security management. Therefore it is the total knowledge of the front-end and back-end of any website. 

5 Best Programming Languages for Web Development in 2022

As the topic says, below is a list of the 5 best programming languages for any newbie or web developer to get started and carry on in his whole career. 

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language used by all developers in this world. One of its biggest advantages is that it can be used for both Fron-end and Back-end works. JavaScript may also be considered an object-oriented programming language as it allows individuals to create dynamic elements such as clickable buttons or animated graphics for better UX. 

It has a pretty simple and easy-to-learn syntax that can also be used for developing mobile apps, games, and web servers.

  1. Python

Python is an open source language that is easy to learn and apply in your practical use. As of 2022, Python is the most commonly used programming language for Back-end development since the last few decades. Python has been considered as an ideal choice for data science, web app development, and business automation services. 

  1. PHP

PHP (also called Hypertext Preprocessor) is considered as an open-source scripting language used for Back-end developments. PHP allows developers to update their website more frequently. PHP has special frameworks such as Laraval that allows developers to create web apps using a model-view-controller architectural pattern. 

  1. TypeScript

Though not as popular as C++, TypeScript can still be considered as a modern programming language. TypeScript adds type-safety in JavaScript code so as to catch any useless JavaScript type-related errors in the developing phase. 

  1. React

React or ReactJS is a framework of JavaScript and was built by Facebook. It is a professional one and helps developers build user interfaces dynamically. The biggest plus point in React is that any website built with React works faster and thus helps organizations to increase their loyalty due to user experience. It builds an interactive UI for both mobile apps and web apps. 


This blog will help you acquire the basic knowledge for getting started in web development services. Therefore, to acquire the right skills for the right job you need to have the right knowledge. Choose your language thoroughly in the beginning phase and you can continue learning more languages in the future. 

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