Facebook Marketing – Its Impact, Pros, and Cons in Social Media Advertising

Unlike the past marketing benefits where companies, new or old, survived without having to advertise online, it is not the same anymore. It is as the saying goes, “If you are not online, you don’t even exist.”

Quick Info: There are a total of 2.963 billion Facebook users, of which 1.960 billion are active daily. 

In social media marketing, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to connect with audiences socially. Because of its global presence and recognition, experts take Facebook to be a recommended platform for marketing strategies, both for small and large businesses. The impact of Facebook marketing on a B2C business has proved to be a viable strategy for getting potential leads and massive attention. 

What are the pros and cons of using Facebook Marketing?

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of Facebook marketing when discussing social media advertising. 

Facebook Pros:

  1. Lead Generation

Lead forms or Lead ads in Facebook Marketing allows you to collect valuable information that can help you get those leads into a sales funnel. It provides you with details such as phone numbers, emails, interests, etc. 

We know lead generation is the process of interest building about a business’s products or services. Facebook ad campaigns with the objective of lead generation allow customers to fill relevant forms, now upgraded to “instant forms.” You can also customize the forms according to your needs. 

  1. Microtargeting

Microtargeting in Facebook Marketing can help you increase your ROI with its efficient tools. With microtargeting, you can hit the smallest geolocations like a state, a village, or even a mall o a country. With Facebook advertising, you can also target your customers’ age, behavior, interests, device, connections, etc. 

  1. Cost

Among all the social media marketing options, Facebook is definitely the most cost-effective platform, keeping in mind its immense targeting choices. Whether you spend $10 or $1000, proper testing, remarketing, and reporting can make the most of every dollar you spend. 

However, slowly after the global pandemic, the cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) has risen dramatically. But it remains the lowest in the marketing family, where even LinkedIn advertisements can cost an average of £5 – £6 a day.  

  1. Page Likes

Social Media Advertising using Facebook can bring social authority and page likes. Some brands buy fake likes and shares. 

Facebook marketing simply helps businesses boost page likes and recognition. 

Facebook Marketing Cons:

  1. High Competition

Since Facebook is a cost-effective platform to advertise your services, it also has a higher competition rate that can reduce your chances of winning, especially if you do not apply the right strategy (including content, eye-catch heading/subheading). It requires the usage of innovative and customer-friendly packs that can prompt your audiences to buy what’s in store.  

  1. More Money, Better Results

Although Facebook in social media marketing is a cost-effective strategy, however, we know when there’s competition, there’s also bidding. Meaning, that if you wish to see your content reach your audience’s eyes, you simply have to pay more to get on top. 

Therefore, it requires an excellent budgetary plan while executing your strategy.

  1. No More Preferred Platform

With new social media platforms uproar daily, people have started shifting their interest to other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is also a factor of valuable customers’ presence in these changing times. 

Moreover, whether or not Facebook is more of a social network platform rather than a business one. 


Despite its cons hovering around, Facebook Marketing is worth considering for its pros. Facebook is indeed an excellent option for small businesses (not ignoring the giants). And as a marketer, you must analyze both risks and returns since sales are all about how you position yourself in the minds of your customers. 

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